Which: Dagger Venture or Old Town Guide?

We are looking for a nearby used canoe and right now have a choice of a Dagger Venture 17’ for $600


Old Town Guide 14’7" with trailer for $1200.

I really like the trailer idea as we can keep the canoe packed and

ready to go and can use the trailer as a dolly to launch and and remove.

I could also tow with our little Jetta and not have to use my F350.

I am thinking I will probably buy a trailer eventually anyway. A trailer costs about $900 and a new Guide about $550.

Would appreciate any comments on these two canoes.

We plan on mostly day use with two adults and 3 small doxies on

lakes and some slow rivers and Class 1 and 2. We are both novices

and this will be our first canoe. I have read the reviews although there are only a few for the Venture.

The Venture has real capacity for
tendem and family activity. The Guide is not nearly as much canoe.

a single canoe

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with a trailer is like a single horse on a ranch (whatever the heck I meant by that.)
My votes for the Venture for anything but pond paddling. Cartop it.

The Guide doesn't hit me as a moving water canoe.