Which DVDs

With the change in part time employment (wasn’t supposed to be a need for that when I retired…lol)I’m going to be working weekends and having weekdays free…Just the opposite of most of the folks I’ve paddled with the past few seasons.

Sence it appears I’m going to have a lot of solo paddles, this might be a good season to work on

improving my paddling stroke with the Artic Tern.

That said: Given the sizeable number of DVDs available, has anyone got a few really good ones to suggest.

I’ll be attending safety and rescue clinics every thurs evening out on lake erie and am interested in focusing my solo early morning paddles (mainly on the Erie Canal)on improving a woefully inadaquate paddling technique.

Thanks in Advance

When Greg Barton comes to town

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try and find a group clinic with him. (or take a private lesson if the budget allows. Along with guided trips to woods hole, that clinic was the best money I have spent on instruction. (What I have recieved from my elder brothers at NSPN and the Walden pond scum is invaluable and has been free. I'll pass it along)

Brent Reitz's forward strike video is a classic and Nigel foster has a video dedicated to the forward stroke (i've never seen it but Nigel is not to be discounted). Greg and oscar have one too. All three of these are available at the paddlng.net store. (love what loves you back.)

No doubt there are good instructors in your area. somebody who knows what they are doing and can take a video of your forward stroke and give you on the spot video analysis feedback is a great asset! A pro from my paddling club gave a group of folks that opportunity for free a couple year back, everybody learned a good bit, (including the pro!)

Thanks on the video suggestion
There’s a fellow paddler (Ray Wolf)who’s an instructor.

Having him take a video and critique where I’m making mistakes might be the easiest way.

Figured: If I’m going to be doing a lot of flatwater solo paddles this year, I might as well make the most of the time.

so maybe he can bring a camera and lapto
and tap a car near the flatwater for power. Really worked for me. (but my forward stroke is far far from fully realized.)

Reitz Forward Stroke and Barton DVDs
are very good. I like the DVD format to freeze or slo mo the frames. Still trying to emulate Greg, who makes it look so darn easy and fluid.

Peter’s videotaping suggestion is an excellent one. There are coaches that work areas roughly around you: Ben Lawry comes up north with some frequency, and toward MA, Joe Shaw. Both are excellent. Danny Broadhurst works out of LI, NY as well, and sometimes travels. Email me off boards if you’d like their contact #s. I know Ben is doing some clinic/s at Collinsville Canoe and Kayak at CT upcoming. Maybe look into that. A good coach can point out flaws in your stroke, and most importantly instruct in their correction, in ways you may never pick up from a DVD-well worth the money if you’re serious about improving stroke technique. I’ve been to all three, but unfortunately, seem to be the perpetual student. Frustrating, as I teach by trade. :wink:

I came to realize how ‘much damage’ (besides physiclly/shoulder wise)I inflicted on my fwd. stroke thru 4+ years of learning on my own with a recreational craft thru last seasons intro to the artic tern.

For me, it’s not only going to be a learning experience but a ‘re-learning experience’. If I can get down a halfway decent stroke I’ll be a happy pappy.