which fishing kayak

I am wondering if I could get some advice on which fishing kayak to buy. Its between the acsend ft12 and the perception prescador 12ft. I know both are not expensive boats, but there about all I would need. I use a 13ft clearwater design at the preasant time but would like a sit on top model. Thanks.

Check on pnet’s fishing forum.
We only scare fish away.

I’d vote for the Perception
The Perception would get my nod. I prefer the foot pegs over the molded heel wells, and the less-cluttered cockpit of the Perception.

I’ve fished from 12- and 14-foot Manta Rays since 2006. Also fished a Redfish once, and I’ve seen lots of Tarpons, several Ocean Kayak Tridents… haven’t seen either of these two on the water around here, though, so I can’t speak for either of them from any more than seeing them online and standing up against store walls.


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Have one, great boat, well made.

Perception is US made. Ascend is made by ??, where ??