Which Floatation bags for a Kestrel 120

Can anyone with this boat tell me which flotation bags they are using in the bow?



Kestrel 120 floatation
Hi Jeremy;

I recently bought some extra floatation for my Kestrel 120. The clerk in the store assured me he was selling me the correct one, but it was wrong. Because of the grey foam pillar in the bow, I had to exchange it for a split model. Basically, it is two floatation bags, one for either side of the foam pillar. I haven’t put it in yet, so I can’t say for sure it will work, but it appears the boat requires this split model.

Split bags…

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Yean I knew I needed split bags, just not sure what size to order.

thanks for your help. Let me know if your fit.

-- Jeremy

let me know if you find split bags
that provide storage…some float bags have closures that allow they to function as a dry bag.thanks!

Kestrel 120 float bags

I just installed a set of NRS Infinity Split Stern bags for Rodeo Kayak. When installed in the bow of the 120 kestrel, the big ends are just even with the back end of the foam pillar. I guess I would consider it a perfet fit. I think they measure 3 narrow end to 13 at the big end by 28.