which glue for minicell + rotomold?

yes, i know i’ve been told already. but i forgot. and i had a 'puter meltdown this past week so all my bookmarks were lost.

throwing a minicell front bulkhead into pungo 140.

along with the glue reminder, any suggestions as to process? glue on minicell bvs. glue on rotomold, etc.

thanks everyone, for your unending patience.


sealant for bulkhead
you use lexel, which is what the factory uses, its clear and can be bought at most true value hardware stored, i have put several bulkheads in the pungo 140, 3m 5200 can also be used but i haven’t found any clear anywhere, all white or black and they tend to stand out, where the clear doesn’t show, email me and i’ll tell you the easy way to do it, good luck

Pungo 140 bulkhead
Hey, can somebody point me in the direction on how to construct a bulkhead for the Pungo 140. An archive search reveals a broken link to the Confluence Water Sports website that no longer exists. Or if anybody would like to email me instructions, pics or whatever, I would most certainly appreciate it.



i ordered it from

i may still have the packaging, i’ll look when i get home. there’s also a good chance someone with better recall will see this and post the contact info first.

it cost about $30 cut and ready to go.

I use Marine Goop, works fine too.
Here’s the thread you may have been thinking of:



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hey, if you can find it, I would be most appreciative....

Update: A "google search" brought me back to paddling.net (Can't seem to find what I need with a search of the archives here).... Noticed you had message in a thread about pungo bulkheads. Anyway, the folks in the thread (Steve aka "Flathead" recommended emailing Annete at Alder Creek.

Soooo....was it www.aldercreek.com ?

it was from alder creek
per the thread referenced above.