Which glue for royalex lite

I have a Dagger Rival in royalex lite and have problems with D rings for thigh straps pulling loose. I have tried vynbond and gorilla glue. Does anyone know what will work.

I’ve had Vynabond d-rings pull loose.
I’m now trying West G-flex epoxy, but I haven’t had enough time to tell if it will work.

I recommend lightly sanding the underside of the D-ring patch to bring up some fibers. I assume the inside of Royalite is vinyl just like Royalex, even though the outside is different.

You might also examine the amount of stress you are putting on the D-ring patches. Those used for thigh straps can be under a very high amount of tension.

R-84 royalite
According to what i have read the inside is a different material also. I have never had a problem with vynabond on royalex if i prepped with MEK

Me’thinks ah’s recollect…
dat later R-84 (Royalite) boats - a least wat Mohawk used - had a vinyl insides an’ dat “weatherable” outsides so stuff such as outfitting cood be stuck ta it. De early versions didn’t such as me Dagger Sojourn.


3M5200 also works
My son “Aaron the outfitter” just had me get another tube of the 7 day cure, says it’s stronger than the overnight.

3M5200 source?
This is said to be very good stuff and I’ve been looking at purchasing some but find it really pricey.

I need it to secure the foam support that’s fits inside and just behind the seat of a SeaDart SOT. It currently keeps slipping out of place and when heavier people are in the boat it causes the top areas to disfigure (want to kink).

Does a little go a long way?

I get the 5200
at the marina where I keep my Sailboat. $17 a tube, caulk gun tube. No, a little doesn’t go far at all, stuff is thick; but on the good side, the more you use, the stronger the bond. One tube got us through what’s described here


And I bought another tube yesterday to install two sets of thigh straps, reinforce my thigh blocks, and I think we have to beef up the pedestals on the Whitesell.