Which hatch covers for FeelFree Corona

I have a FeelFree Corona tandem yak with 8" hatches. The covers are rotting and getting black all over the place.

Does anyone on the site know which covers will fit these hatches?

The outside of the hatches measure 8 1/16". The original covers are right at 8" inside diameter. They just under 8 1/2" outside diameter on the top.

Unless you find a happy coincidence,
you may have to make new ones from scratch, or have them made. You might want to describe the nature of the hatches. Are they flexible rubbery stuff that fits over a receiving tube?

Thanks for the response
They are rubber over receiving tube.

I ordered three different covers to see if any of them fit. If not, I am considering cutting the tube off and installing a hard twist lock hatch:


That’s the kind of inventiveness it will
take. I probably would make neoprene seal sleeves and then fake out FG pressure plates. But your idea seems good.

Why not just contact a FeelFree Dealer or even FeelFree HQ in NC, rather than reinventing the wheel or gambling with the fit if no oem sizes?

I might even know if one or two in the day hatch basket at a kayak specialty store in Hyde Park, NY.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



Wilderness Systems Covers Fit

– Last Updated: Oct-18-14 5:08 PM EST –

Thanks for the helpful responses.
The covers from Tom at TopKayaker came in today. Of the three I ordered, The Wilderness Systems covers fit great and look good too.
The WS covers have a plastic center that won't degrade like the original covers and are only $20 versus $40+ for new ones from the dealer that will degrade in a few years from UV again.
There were two reasons I didn't want to get new ones from the dealer:
1. The FeelFree dealer in my area didn't have covers in stock and would have to order them, if he could figure out which ones it takes (his words). This would require two trips to the dealer; one with my yak to figure out which covers fit, and another for me to go pick them up when they come in. It's also been my experience that when dealers order stuff, It takes a week or so for it to come in. When I order online, it's usually at the house in a couple of days.
2. If I got them from the dealer, I would be looking for the covers again when they rot again. If the WS covers rot again, I know where to get new ones and they are half the price of the OEM.