Which inflatable kayak?

Hello all,

My partner and I are going to buy two inflatable kayaks soon as we go to Scotland on holiday quite a lot and always stay along the coasts. I’ve only used rigid kayaks before and although we’d prefer to buy rigids, we don’t have the storage space to keep them.

We have our eye on the ITIWIT touring inflatable kayaks which we’d purchase from Decathlon (along with paddles, pumps and buoyancy aids).

My partner wants to use his for fishing from and we wouldn’t be too far from shore in them as they are best kept within 300m from shore.

Has anyone used these particular kayaks before? I’m not sure if I should go for the yellow 1 person kayak or the green 2 person (which can also be used as a 1 person).

1 person yellow:

1/2 person green

There is also a 2/3 person orange but that’s not necessary for us.

Does the overall length factor much into how manoeuvrable the kayak would be for one person in it? The green 1/2 person is only 40cm longer than the 1 person yellow. Would this make much difference? Also the width of the green is only 8cm wider.

I guess my main questions are:

  1. Are these kayaks good enough for loch and sea shoreline
  2. Has anyone any advice on which to go for
  3. Any other suggestions for make/models
  4. Does the small length/width difference make too much impact on manoeuvrability for 1 person.

Thanks so much for reading!

Jozeffi :smiley:

I also own a inflatable kayaks for years and it works very well. Nowadays the inflatable kayaks can be as durable as the traditional ones. I can also deflate after use and put it in my shed. It won’t occupy much space in my shed.

Have you considered folfding kayaks? The rigid frames make them more suitable for wind and rough water.

I’ve paddled folders for 20 years and have traveled from the US to the UK with a 24 pound Pakboat folder as checked baggage.

Look at the Pakboat Quest 150. It is a seaworthy solo that only weighs 27;pounds and is convertible from decked to open. Lower profile on the water and handles well in waves and chop that can thrash a bulky inflatable. ScanSport is the manufacturer and they have European dealers. Reasonably priced, too, with good customer service. And, of course, they can be shipped from anywhere.

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Hi Willowleaf, thanks for your advice. I’ve had a look at the Pakboat you suggested and it looks great. Unfortunately it is out of my price range but definitely something I would consider saving for.

I’m really keen to get an inflatable kayak within the next month in time for holidays so I’m open to suggestions for ones similar to the ones I mentioned above.

Thanks again! :smiley:

How much exoerience do you have with cold water coastal and windy loch kayaking? Neither of those little Itiwit versions would appeal to me for what you are describing. Those are boats for inland canals and ponds. Both models are too short for even a solo paddler in the sea or large lake. Tracking would be difficult even with the fins and you could easily be driven away from shore by current and wind and find yourself unable to paddle back to land due to the lack of rigidity and the short length ( under 4 meters) and wide beam (40 inches!!). The raised seats are also an issue for windage and stability.

These boats are more rafts than kayaks, Would not be at all safe in exposed large reaches of water with tides, waves, currents and chop. And being open boats and unstable in those conditions , would require at minimum a kit of serious protective clothing like drysuits, which would cost you as much as a new Pakboat.

I apologize if I have guessed incorrectly about your experience and knowledge of the conditions at your destination, but there are critical differemces between a hardshell touring kayak you have used befire and these low priced inflatables. There are inflatables like those made by Grabner, that might be safe and manageable, but those are way out of your apparent budget as well. I have concerns about your projected use and expectations.

You may want to also seek feedback on the folding kayak group (which includes inflatables) foldingkayaks.org.

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Hi Rikno, what inflatable do you use and is it on the sea/loch/lake?

I just picked up an Aquaglide Chelan 155. We like it so far

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That looks great and your dog’s having fun! Unfortunately out of my price range…

I used to teach kayaking, I’m quite comfortable with it! Just never had an inflatable before. Yes, the kayak in question is incredibly wide and short. I worry about tracking.

Thanks for all your help and the link to folding kayak forum. :smiley:

AIRE Boise, Idaho