which is faster?

I’m doing a 100 mile canoe race (solo) in a couple of weeks…

It’s an easy section of river with only 1 class II rock garden.

I have the opportunity to paddle either a Penobscot 16 or a Dagger Passage.

I am just looking for which boat will be easier to make some time in…

I’ve gotten a few hours of seat time in the Penobscot, but have yet to paddle the passage.


The Penobscot 16 has a pretty good
record in downriver whitewater races. A friend won two years in a row, after failing two years in an OT Tripper.

I don’t recall much about the Dagger Passage. Somebody’ll have to fill in the details.


Niether boat is red, so basing it on that is out…:slight_smile: