which is the most appropriate for me

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I'm thinking of getting a 12 foot kayak and am considering either a perception sundance or a wilderness systems pamlico. What are the advantages/disadvantages. thanks for any input.

Sundance vs pamlico
Personally, I’ve tried both. And of all the boats I’ve been privileged to try I have to say I’m a staunch Perception fan. I think the Sundance is lighter and slightly more maneuverable, while the Pamlico is possibly a little more durable, hence the extra weight. I’ve always felt Perception gives you more bang for the buck. I have 3 boats by them and love them all. My Swifty is a smaller version of what you’re considering, but for all around, I think you’d be better with the Sundance. All just a matter of preference really, between the two.

I own a Sundance 9.5

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and have paddled some wilderness boats. While wilderness makes a good boat I still prefer my perception. Why- better seat, hull design, bow and stern(skeg) design and overall fit. This is my opinion only so take it as you may. Not trying to start a squabble.

Just do it
It’s early in this thread, but whenever someone asks about brand x vs. brand y, things sometimes tend to get a mite ugly around here.

My take: paddle 'em both and buy what you like. Probably won’t be your last boat anyway, and the real important thing is getting on the water.

one vs. another

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