First, are you sure a 10’ wouldn’t fit in the elevator (lower corner to opposite upper corner)?

Second, you might consider an Advanced Elements inflatable.

I have the Lagoon model (which I’m trying to sell locally because it has a leak):

Very stable
Only 16 pounds!
Good quality

Very slow
Not much storage space for camping gear
Doesn’t dry out (if you live in a high-humidity location)
Possibility of leaks (I got mine used).

There are other AE models that might work better for you.

@PianoAl said:

I have the Lagoon model (which I’m trying to sell locally because it has a leak):

If you go to the Advanced Elements website, they do have an “Inflatable Boat Repair Kit” for $10 and a “Vinyl Repair Patch” kit for $12.


“Decent trips”, “camping” and the choppy waters of the InterCoastal Waterway that the OP talks about are really not going to be served well by any of the Advanced Elements craft. Little storage capacity for gear and not the kind of boats that can make good distance on rough waters.

The OP didn’t state that the total kayak length was 8’. What about a sectional kayak. I know NDK has an option for sectional sea kayaks. They can’t cost that much more than a Sun Dolphin or an Aruba, right? Just move the decimal to the right one place, per section. :wink:

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