Which kayak for racing

I need some advise for choosing a racing sea kayak. I am looking at an Eddyline S18 Falcon and a Seda Glyder. Both claim to be winners. I have a Seda Amigo at 18’ and a 24" beam and I can paddle that easily in the mid 5s. It is a heavy boat but when you get it up to speed you can hold it there pretty easy. With two people in it, it is super fast. Anyway, any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Mirage 19
Only way to go unless you go with and Epic. See you at the races!

Looksha II For Eating Up Surfskis
Light too.

What class ?
If it is the FSK, then go with an Epic or a QCC-700

Jack L

here’s a good one
If you want to stick with a kayak over a ski



fsk vs. ski
I switched to ski paddling because the local races had a handful of sea kayaks vs 20+ skis. If you haven’t already done so, I’d look at local results and see what’s the most popular local class.

I’m not familiar
With the Amigo, I’m assuming its a tandem.

Of those mentioned, I’d go Glider.

the red one is fastest
We already determined this.

Agree with this. Go to some races you want to participate in, and talk to the racers. Ask for advice and see what brands/models are winning in the classes you wish to join. Many racers have used kayaks they might be interested to sell.

Greg Stamer

red is fastest, this is true
our local fast guy paddles a red Nelo ski and wins a lot of races.

The fact that he retired from amazon at 35 and trains 6 days a week has nothing to do with it :wink:

Is That The “560” Model?
No wonder the “Big O” has switched to Nelo…from Epic?

Touring Kayak
Is the class I am most interested in. I am now racing in local events in the 14’ and under classes. These are down river kayak type boats 14’ or shorter. I want to move up to a longer boat and class. Just interested in what other paddlers’ thoughts are on boats to use in this class

Epic 16X is a sweet boat.
Very maneuverable with the rudder up and wonderful control with the Trackmaster Plus rudder deployed.

kayak class
Is usually topped out at 17’.

The glider is in the FSK class.

Are the classes you’re competing in following the Sound Rowers guidelines?

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY



I’m confused
I was rereading the USCA classes and now I just confused. All the races Ive ever done follow a sea kayak and FSK class model. But now I don’t get it.