which kayak is better for fishing?

Im debating between the predator 138, 140 and mainstream patriot.

Im 6’4 230lb

fish slow moving water, large mouth bass.


I know nada but I’ll respond anyway…
Did you read the reviews on this site?




I haven’t paddled either one but what I’ve learned vicariously is that if you’re serious about fishing you’ll likely end up wanting a more serious boat. Gander Mtn carries “entry level” boats. You can fish from one for decades and enjoy the heck out of it so don’t take my comments as being overly filled with condemnation. Kayakfishingstuff.com has sound advice. The sell boats too.

Most serious fishermen are opting for Sit-on-top (SOT) boats more along the lines of the OK Prowler, WS Tarpon (120, 140 & 160), Malibu’s, Cobra’s, and others.

Most folks I know also opt for stripped boats. After a few fishing trips they decide where THEY want to put rod-holders etc…

Others will refine what I’ve said and have mildly different suggestions.

I’ve fished from a sit-inside for the past two years and recently moved on to an SOT.

Go with the Predator
I’m a big guy like you and use a Loon 138, almost the same boat. OT’s plastic is superior to everyone elses. Very durable, no oil canning due to it’s sandwich construction. Stable as hell, which is what you’ll want when you’re rooting around in your tackle box for something. These boats can carry some gear as well. Couple of rods, cooler, tackle box, dry bags, hammock and a folding chair easily fit below decks with room to spare. Decent speed for covering water when going from fishing hole to fishing hole. Tracks well, yet will turn pretty easily too. The seat is waaayyyy comfortable.

We have owned a Loon 138 for 5 years now and it’s just the best thing since sliced bread. Looks like the Predator 138 would be a 138 with all the bells and whistles already done for you.

I love our 138. I am 6 feet 220. Solid boat for me. Stable, faster than a canoe. Lots of room. I fly-fish only now so I have moved into a Old Town Penobscot 16 so I can stand and fish but I still use the 138 when I am fishing up-river as it gets there much better.

You will enjoy this boat.

Good luck!

i own 10 yaks…
one of wich is the ot 138. for the type of fishing you mentioned it can’t be beat. i weigh #300 and have used mine to overnight camp on fishing trips. i have 3 rod holders and a small anchor installed on it. good luck…mc

Fishing kayak
I’ve tried out, floated and fished out of almost every kayak made for fishing through the years, and the sit-on-top is much better to fish out of, for me anyway.

I’ve owned almost every sit-on-top made and the very best for me is the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13. A dry seating area, very stable, extra leg length for tall guys, weight capacity for big guys like me, manuevers well in rivers, easy to paddle and fast on the water, tons of internal and external storage.

I can’t find anything I like better…


Try mine out in north Florida (and catch some fish) anytime.

Good fishing

Just giving props
I’ve fished and paddled with Yakbow. He knows whereof he speaks. His advice is worth giving sincere consideration.

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Loon 138
I weigh in at 230lbs and 6’1" and a herniated L5-S1 disk and so far the Loon hasn’t given me anything to gripe about. I tried a few different boats before deciding upon the Loon and boy am I glad I did. It wasn’t my first choice when I started but I quickly realized that some of the other offerings just did fit me. Always try before you buy if at all possible. I use it for lakes and slower rivers but I have run it on the Lehigh River and managed to stay right side up. I’m not sure the class of WW yakers knew what to think when I bounced through their class.

I would look hard at SOT’s if it were me. The advantages are numerous.