Which kayak rudder?

After many years of canoeing, I’de decided to return to some kayaking.I’ve bought a couple of Prijon Seayaks, a Perception Sea Lion, and a Chinook. The Sea Lion has a rudder, the others don’t. I took the Sea Lion out today and decided a rudder might be very useful in some circumstances. Which rudder should I buy for the Seayak?s (The Chinook will just be an extra boat for taking out friends). Prijon sells a rudder for $220 but I see others on Ebay for around $100. Any particular things I should look for? Is the Prijon, designed for the Seayak better and easily enough installed to warrant the extra $$, particularly since I will be buying two.

By the way, the rudder on the Sea Lion has a notch on the top which looks like it is there to hold the rudder in place on the back deck when flipped up. However, the rudder won’t flip over all the way and sticks up in the air. Was the rudder misassembled and should I be able to make that rudder drop down onto the back deck?


buy the prijon rudder
buy the prijon rudder. Works. low drag. fits the boat.

Sea Lion rudder
i think I figured out that someone wrongly assembled the Sea Lion rudder, reversing the leading/trailing edges. Since the bolt that holds the rudder is not equadistant from each edge, the additional rudder material on the trailing edge (which should be the leading edge) stops the rudder from flopping down onto the rear deck.