Which Kayak to buy?

I am new to the sport of Kayaking. I’ve rented several and am now ready to purchase. I’ve narrowed it down to 2. The Dagger Axis 10.5. And the Jackson Transverse. Which one would you choose. They are both basically in the same price range and both seem to offer diffent water options to enjoy.

More details
Please provide info on what type of paddling you want to do (white water, flat water, small lakes, ocean, long or short trips, camping, fishing, etc.) and your height/weight.

Which Kayak to buy
Running rivers with some Rapids , flat water. 5-7 hour trips would like to progress to class 2 Rapids or 3. I’m 5’0 petite lady. Don’t want something extremely heavy. No ocean trips ever. I get sea sick and am just thrilled to death that I can kayak and the smooth ride and gentle Rapids are so much fun. I’m hooked!!!

My weight
I’m 120lbs

I like the looks of the Traverse
it’s well designed and would be good for Class III+ between the two I would go with a boat that is actually made for whitewater, with good hull design, bulkheads, and ability to survive pins etc but …

At 120 lbs both boats are pretty high volume for you, if you are going to stick to just doing flat water paddling you might find a smaller volume boat than the Axis, it also looks to be a rec kayak mostly and the hull shape will hold you back once you are past the beginner stage.

Hopefully some of the small female paddlers here will post with some ideas of more suitable boats.

Which Kayak to buy
Thank you so much for your response. I like the Transverse too. It’s so confusing. For flat water and rivers with Rapids , not full blown white water stuff. I want to get a good one. The ones at the local big box stores look so cheap and I do not want a $400 boat. I want speed and stability and storage and one that is not likely to flip over. Hope someone can steer me in the right direction. It will be an online purchase. Want to get it right :rowing_man:

Some conflicting goals

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It appears you want a crossover based on where and how you want to paddle. But as indicated above you need to get a small person's boat. At 120 pounds you will be challenged to control too large a boat decently.

I am concerned about your wanting "speed and stability... and one that is not likely to flip over" given that you also want to do easy rapids. That is not quite realistic. To start, any crossover boat will be slow compared to skinnier longer flatwater boat. The boat hull can do certain things well but not all three at one time. If slower is OK that's fine, but by putting easy moving water into the mix you are automatically calling for a boat that will be slower on fast water than for ex any of the sea kayaks hanging under my back porch.

As to the stability part - a number of paddlers have left expensive glasses on the bottom of a local class 1-2/flat mixed river because they figured easy moving water meant nothing would catch them by surprise.

It doesn't work that way. Even in the easier stuff, sometimes you have to be a good enough paddler to be part of the solution in keeping the boat from capsizing. Most people discover this by capsizing, so it might be easiest to just go out and get that part over with.

Now to your size - I just ran the Dagger website and they keep the Axis 10.5 in the mix for setting the filter to a small paddler. But I looked at the size of the cockpit - very long, very wide and deep as hell. I can't quite figure out how that would work for you unless you are the world's tallest and longest legged 120 pound person. It looks like the Katana 9.7 is a closer bet, though you might find that too far in the other direction.

I checked Liquid Logic and their Remix 9 seems also to be in the ballpark for someone your size. Bigger cockpit than the Katana in dimensions but smaller than the Axis, and they don't give deck height but I suspect it is OK for someone your likely size.

And those are not the only manufacturers to check.

The usual advice to to try and find something used, and you should definitely start there. It is likely that whatvever you paddling goals are now will change. But it is also true that used boats for smaller paddlers can be harder to find used. If you are in a ruch, new may be where you have to go.

Which Kayak to buy
Thank you for your response . I looked up the Liquid Logic remix9. It is a very good boat with great reviews. This could be the one. It is lighter than the other too. Going paddling tomorrow with friends. I’ll be renting yet again. Can’t wait to find and buy my own kayak🚣

given the goal of white water

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If you haven't yet, take a white water class. One of the areas they focus on at start is teaching you how to roll. For white water, this is a skill you want, as it prevents a lot of time swimming and draining boats and collecting yard sale gear. Helpful, but perhaps not required for class II, but required for III and beyond.

A crossover boat that I've seen smaller women using is the Pyranha Fusion S. if these are available in your area, might be worth checking in to. if not available in your area, ignore this suggestion. Very important that you get a boat that you can at least sit in (better yet, paddle) before you buy so you can see the fit. We can suggest boats that are likely to fit, but each person has their own geometry and comfort, so what works for one person your size may be excruciatingly painful for you. The final decision has to be you trying it.

just a suggestion
You will find a lot of good advice on here but one way to make it easier for people to be helpful is if you post a profile now that you’ve joined the group. It’s simple to do and you don’t have to give any personal information that you don’t want to, but stating your approximate location, skill level and a little about what your paddling goals are can really aid in getting useful responses and even maybe even referrals to used boats for sale in your area that could work for you.

Profile complete
Thanks for the tip. I know nothing about this sport but am so excited about getting started. I think the Liquid Logic Remix 9 will be a good match. That or the Jackson Transverse. Then a paddle to buy and life vest. I got me a dry bag and water sandals, it’s a start.:blush:

I agree
Going to drive to the Jackson headquarters in Sparta TN. I really like the Transverse . I will look into a white water class while I am there. Thanks! Paddled the Caney Fork River today in a really bad rental. Makes me even more ready for a great kayak of my own.