which kayak

Im loking at 2 used Kayak’s from Riot, Im looking for a all around boat, whitewater and some small-mid size lakes.

1st boat is a showbiz would this handle a small to mid lake ok, for some fishing and boating.

2nd boat is a voyager what class whiteeater could this run.

Its looks like both are for all around but the showbiz is more ww and can’t find any information about flat water. The voyager is a day tripper flat boat with little information on ww.

any information would help. I can get the showbiz full package helmet, skit wetsuit and lifevest for $450. and the voyager is $550.

I can only buy 1.

Check their web page
IMHO, there are few if any kayaks that work well for white water AND lakes both.

White water kayaks have a directionally unstable hull so the paddler can make them go any direction at any given moment as needed to suit the condition of the moving water.

Recreational or touring kayaks have hulls designed to help them go straighter, as they are designed to basically go forward to cover distance.

I reccomend you decide what kind of paddling you really want to do. Then research these two kayaks on the manufacturers web page to see what they are DESIGNED to do,

Then the only way to be sure whish one is for you is to test paddle it. The same kayak can feel, or paddle 100 different ways, to 100 different people. Your body size, weight, paddling style, etc will all effect the way the boat feels to “you”.

Have fun!

no recommendation
White water and flat water are very different conditions, and a boat that works for one will be bad at the other. White water boats are made to be super maneuverable, but not made to be paddled distances (nor carry gear, fishing rods, etc). Flat water is made to go straight well, but would be a large challenge in even class II.

This is why you can’t get information on using the showbiz for flatwater - yes, it will float just fine on flat water, but it isn’t made for that.

Choose which activity (white water vs flat water) you like to do more, and get the boat made for that. Then rent or borrow when you do the other activity.

All Round Boat
The Showbiz is an all round boat only in the sense of white water. That is, it allows some play and is an ok river runner. It is not suited to lakes or fishing. The other is a crossover boat. which is designed to bridge ww and flatwater. What you will find is that performance in each of these areas is compromised. You will have a mediocre performer in ww and a mediocre performer in flatwater. But if for some reason you still intend to buy one of these boats, get the crossover boat.