Which Kayak?

Last year a friend and I were so psyched after our trip to Lake Superior, that we immediately went out and bought two sea kayaks. They are way, way more than we need. We’re two little old ladies (57 and 66) and we mainly want to paddle lakes and class two rivers. Hurricane Kayaks have caught my eye, and I’m wondering what you folks think about the Santee 116 sport, vs the Tampico 135. Weight is a big issue for us - the lighter the better. Plus, we really don’t want to go much (if at all) over $1000. We’re also thinking in a pinch we could even put two 116’s in the back of my Honda Element, rather than hoist them on top.

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated!

I like old broads
Now as far as the boats…I’d say go with the 11’-6" for fun and easier to load especially for old broads.

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Santee 116
Thanks, Guys - We were both leaning toward the 116, but the salesman at the dealer is really pushing the bigger boat. I think it might be because he only has one 116. We’re going to demo them both on Saturday, but i wanted some unbiased opinions.

And, Richard - on behalf of old broads everywhere…Thanks :slight_smile:

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Santee 116’s
My wife and I started last summer with the Santee 116’s. They were the perfect beginners kayaks and super light weight. This summer we are selling them and looking for touring kayaks as we work our way up to longer trips on the river we live on.

We also have a Honda Element. Putting them up on top might be a little too much for the best of “Old Broads”, as they sort of a challenge for us who are younger than that. You might start getting together a Plan B instead of using the Element to haul around even the lightest weight kayaks. We love the Element but it’s just a little too tall for the job.

Out of my Element
You should see us try to get two 17-footers up there! That’s why we’re looking for something smaller. I have two years left on my lease, then will definitely be getting a shorter car!

Hm, maybe we should talk
You’re looking for touring kayaks - we have two that are 1 year old. We’re looking for 116’s - you have two that are 1 year old.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

have you considered
the thule hullevator?–it’s a rack accessory designed to assist paddlers in lifting kayaks to roof racks

Thule Hullevator
I have a Yakima rack with hully rollers and saddles, plus we use step stools; the problem is the boats are just plain too heavy - one is about 55 lb, and the other is heavier. By the time we wrestle them off the car, down to the water, paddle a few hours, then reverse the process, get them home and off the car, we’re pretty pooped! Because of that we’re not getting out nearly as often as we’d like.

We’re actually considering a small trailer. Pick 'em up, plop 'em on and go.

I have a friend—smallish lady who uses one and swears by it—and I think it can be adapted to a yakima system. you only have to lift the boat to waist level and the hullevator does the rest. My friend was actually considering selling her F/G Necky Looksha 4 and buying a 12 foot rec boat that some salesclerk at LL Beans had convinced her was ideal for “the ladies” It would have been too bad because she loves paddling the looksha just didn’t like loading it on a car. Luckily I told her about the Hullevator.

I like the trailer idea.
Heck, I’m not an ‘old broad’ and I like the idea. Now… if I weren’t so cheap.

I better check that out. Thanks!

I really like old broads with 17’ boats

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