Which kayak?

Hi guys,

I need some help here.

I have decided recently to do some recreational kayaking(instead of rowing in gym).

I do not have any experience whatsoever about kayaking.

I have decided to buy inflatable kayak but i do not know which one will be most suitable for me.

I intend to use it on sea(since its 3 min from my place).

It is Arabian gulf and huge waves are rare.

I do weight a lot(120 kg).

Could you please help me with this matter since googling inflatable kayaks became a nightmare.


Thank you in advance.

much boat can you afford? I wouldn’t recommend an inflatable on the ocean for anything but playing at the beach—other boats that you might consider would be a Tsunami 14 or 12 or a kestral (Wilderness Systems) if you don’t want a full size full fledged sea kayak.


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I'm not a big fan of inflatable boats mostly because they are too susceptible to wind. That being said, I did paddle an Advanced Elements model once (on a calm lake) and found it closer to a kayak like feel because of it's frame. You might want to look into that.

quality inflatables
If they can handle serious whitewater, they shouldn’t be a safety issue on flatwater.



If you’re looking at infaltables for portability, you might also consider folding boats:



I suggest the Advanced Frame Expedition
by Advanced Elements. The reason I suggest the Advanced Frame expedition itself is because it is longer so it is faster than the standard advanced frame. Secondly, The advanced frame expedition has a capacity of 450 lbs, but the Advanced Frame has only 300. And maximum capacity is not the same as ideal paddler weight, which is less. So I think the standard 10’ kayak is a bit too small for you, as it is intended for small-medium paddlers. I think the 13’ Advanced Frame expedition will be able to carry you and a lot of gear with much ease.

http://www.advancedelements.com/advancedframe.html (Its the yellow one)

Best Of Luck!!! :slight_smile:

BTW- Do you live in the Arabian Peninsula?? That is SO cool!! Its been mostly americans here and its nice to have some diversity! Welcome to this forum!

Thank you very much for reply.

Currently, I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Sea is so close to me so i have decided to take best of it hence kayak.

It is good cardio training and much more interesting than anything in gym.

You cannot find any inflatable kayak here so i have to order it from USA.

Shipping is extremly expensive…

I dont know what to do////

Hi Ivan

You should see if you could mail order a Gumotex/Innova kayak from Europe, might be cheaper than shipping from the USA.

That really salty water in the gulf might do a number on the nylon shell construction of the Advanced Elements or Stearns inflatables. The fabric on the Gumotex/Innovas will hold up better in the salt and hot sunlight I think.

good luck!

Wow, cool!! Dubai has some REALLY nice architecture. Speaking of Dubai, Dubai international airport was designed by the same team that designed my school.

Well, The Advanced Frame Expedition
is around 600 dollars US. Thats a pretty good deal for a kayak, and not very expensive. So if you have to deal with shipping costs, the Advanced Frame Expedition is not a fairly cheap kayak so it will leave you with more money for delivery. How much is delivery to Dubai City??

One more thing- Have you even seen american celebrities hanging out in Dubai?

Which kayak?
I was also thinking about impact of salty water and temperature on inflatable kayak.

It seems that i will go for hard shell at the end.

I might try http://www.feelfreekayakusa.com/Kayaks/Nomad.htm

since it can hold my weight.

Please tell me hwat do you think.

BTW, i have seen some of celebrities here.

Morgan Freeman, Bill Klinton, Madeline Albright, Richard Gere.

I have heard that Michael Jackson was also here but i missed him.

Why Kayak, why not row, it’s a more all round work out and with the right boat is a lot of fun.

Check out the Edon recreational boat which comes with pontoons. www.edonrowing.com

sit on top
If you can manage the storage and transport requirements a sit on top might be a good choice. An inflatable would take a lot more care in that enviroment, you’d need to be careful to not let it overheat and burst, as long as you’re in the water you’d be fine but you couldn’t leave it fully inflated on the beach for long. The Innova Sunny is probably their best all around kayak. Another one you might check out is the new Aire Sawtooth. They’re going for around $750…not sure if they’ve been released yet.

If you can $$$
If you can afford it I would try some tours, some lessons and look at sea kayaking if you have a large water mass handy.

Inflatable’s I am afraid; don’t do it for me.

Hard shell rec boats are kind of OK but I would be inclined to rent or borrow, go on tours then take lessons before getting into a sport more addictive that crack, coke or anything else chemistry has thought up.

How addictive?

I have my own business (can drive what I like) I have a 93 Golf Diesel with a Capella on the roof right now.

If I am going somewhere with the club or out for a serious paddle and NDK Explorer goes up there perhaps beside the Capella. If I go with my son or wife an Orion and EIK Makkovic will go up there (Capella would come down.

I have a car worth say $1,000.00 but on the roof I have factory racks $300.00 3 J Saddles $150 each $450.00.

That Capella $1,500.00, The NDK $4,200.00, Orion $3,000, Makkovic $3,000

There is an Eskimo Nano in that car right now $600.00

OK My car is $1,000. boats on the roof can be $10,200.00, racks $750.00.

Inside the car are two dry suits Kokotat, $1,100.00. Two PFD’s Kokotat Guides $220.00 Each. Four paddles $450.00 $400.00 $200 and $200.00 =$1,250.00

Pogies, safety gear and related $1,000 easy.

Car $1,000

Kayaks & Related on that car, $14,690.00 + -

If you are looking at kayaking it can hook you.

We enjoy exceptional health with the odd unavoidable exception. There is a pay off.

You will love this racket, you have to do something to keep yourself poor, kayaking at least keeps most the money close to home.


You’re not seriously suggesting that in order to enjoy the health benefits of kayaking one needs to drop $15,000 worth of gear are you? I’m not sure he’ll need a drysuit in Dubai. From my time there I don’t know how easy it’s going to be rent or borrow a kayak, or find a local paddling club.

Yeah it can be an addicting sport and can empty your wallet quickly, but it doesn’t have to.

its off topic, but I have to say,
I think Dubai is the most beautifull city known to man. Its extremley modern and its architecture is STUNNING!! The city looks like its 100 years ahead of its own time. A perfect example of what all cities should look like!

Which Kayak?
Thanks for all replies i got.

I bought meself ADVANCED ELEMENTS convertible.

Will see its performance in warm gulf waters.

I am very exicted…