which kayaks

Can anyone ID the kayaks here?

Yes guys there are kayaks in the photo!!!


The one closest
is a Neapolitan

byron bay
BB is in australia btw if that’s any help

Nice lines!!

the boats, salty
he means the boats :wink:

why do you want to know?
I guess i would like one if I can get in closer to those ladies. Wait, I think my girlfriend reads my posts to check in on me. So don’t worry, honey, those girls are in the down under. I got you in my canoe!


Kayaks, what kayaks?

Must be one of those optical illusions
where the kayaks appear after staring at the picture a really long time.

I can never see those.


They’re not kayaks, they’re SLSA surf skis.

I wish I was a kayak.
Soon they will sit on top those yaks.