Which Lendal Paddle Do I Have???


I recently picked up a couple of used Lendal paddles. They are the Kinetic Touring blade shape and the same blade size, but I am not sure which size I have–either the 650 or the 700.

I found the blade dimensions for both paddles and the width on the 650 is 18cm and the width on the 700 is 19cm.

I measured mine…18.5 cm. So I am a bit confused.

If it helps any, one of the two paddles is the a Kinetic Touring CF (carbon/nylon flexible blades). Not sure if that one is offered in both sizes. The only one I found online is the 650 version.

thanks for your help


I should add that the blade does say Kinetic Touring on it. Not sure if it would have an “S” if it were the smaller blade.

I just re-measured and it is a little over 18.5 cm so it is closer to 19 but certainly does not measure that wide at any point on the paddle.

I am going to assume that this is the 700 size, but would like to know for sure, as I may order another Lendal and what I would order would be based on what size these blades are.




7 1/8 & 7 1/2
Just measured. The S, or 650 is 7 1/8" wide. The regular, or 700, is 7 1/2" wide.