Which Mad River model?

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I just bought an older Mad River tandem canoe and I'm trying to figure out which model it is?
It's 17', Royalex, ash gunwales, Vee-hull.
Any suggestions?

What is the hull ID number?

Hull # RADN4119A810

Guessin’ an Explorer NM

The 17’ Royalex Explorer was actually a couple of inches longer than 17’.

If it is 17’ even it may be a Revelation. The Revelation hull was fairly symmetrical with about 3" of rocker, a gunwale width of 37", 4" waterline width of 34", center depth of 15" bow height of 24" and stern height of 23".

look again
Cause that serial number doesn’t make sense.

My money is on a 17’ Explorer. I seem to recall that the Revelation came later than 88, but I could be wrong.

V-hull reason for my guess NM

shallow V
Revelation was a shallow V bottom as well.

Hull # correction

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In better light, it's:

it’s a powerboat
made in California…hmmmm