Which model Mohawk canoe is this?

Hi, trying to identify the details on this Mohawk. It says RX 16 16’ and the serial number is MMN74887E989 so I believe it was made in 1989. I’ve contacted Mohawk but have not herd back yet…
Thanks for any help!

It looks a lot like my Mohawk Whitewater 16 - same green Royalex, same brown gunnels, same seat hangers.

Mohawk Whitewater 16

End and center bags installed

Mine is also a 1989 (seats were changed out when it was outfitted), and has the white sticker, but it says “Whitewater 16’”


I’m not sure what boats Mohawk made when, but there was also a 16’ Nova and Intrepid - maybe you can tell by the spec’s.


The old Mohawks are heavy, but still great boats - I paddle mine whenever I can find a tandem partner.