Which of these 2 kayaks to choose ?

Hello all :slight_smile:

I am new to kayaking, just moved to FL and we live right on a gorgeous lagoon. So, looking for a kayak that I can go paddling around in with my 6-yo son.

These are the 2 sit-on-top kayak options that I am looking at … would like a nice stable kayak fus us begininers :wink:

  1. Coleman Voyager II Kayak. This one is listed at around $540.
  2. Malibu two person kayak, retail $649 at West Marine.

    Both of these are available on Craigslist :wink:

    Curious if you with more experience have thoughts on either models, given that I will have a child on board. Thanks :slight_smile: Reeze

Too costly
They are pretty much the same. “Performance” is not much of an issue with these calm water, high stability boats. They are heavy, predictable and slow but that is really all you are looking for.

My concern is that the prices you mention are way too high for used boats. I watch used kayak ads a lot and I would never pay that much for an older low-end plastic tandem such as those. I would say, keep looking for something more reasonable, offer them $400 or (if they won’t come down) go to a dealer and see what sort of off season price you can get on a new kayak – it will probably be at or even below what these CL ads are pushing. Cabela’s (not know for the lowest prices) is advertising NEW Malibu 2 kayaks for $534. The Coleman is a discontinued model I have seen for sale for $350.

The only way that either of those boats would be worth even $500 would be if they are throwing in paddles and PFD’s in the deal.

Both boats are fine

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for the intended use (i.e., paddling with your 6 year old ).
The Coleman brand kayak is in fact a Pelican APEX 130T. I believe (but am not completely sure) that the Pelican kayaks are not roto-molded from single mould (like most other plastic kayak), but are assembled from two separate pieces (a top and a bottom). While the paddling.net reviews for the APEX 130T are uniformly positive, a frequent criticism of Pelican sit-on-tops is that they leak from the seam between the two halves. This would be something to check before purchasing, (for example by filling the hull with water)

From your message it is unclear to me whether one of the kayaks is an "Ocean Kayak" brand "Malibu Two" boat, or some kind of double from the "Malibu-Kayak" brand. In either case the boat will be rotomoulded and therefore less prone to this problem. Even roto-moulded kayaks can leak however; the scupper holes are a common weak spots.

The OK Malibu II is probably the most common/popular sit-on-top double and is a tried and tested design for your purposes. Willowleaf probably knows more than I about the price situation.

Good luck with your purchase. And don't worry too much, once you have the boat, you will have fun!

thank you :slight_smile:
The prices that I listed were store prices, they are on CList for $3-400 … thank you for that !!

I appreciate your comments re any one is fine. It is true, I am not racing :wink: and looking for something to go tootling around in with my son …

Another one has just come up on CList too, a Wilderness tandem fishing kayak. Pretty nice, bigger, with the seats and paddles. Asking $650.

I appreciate you taking the time :slight_smile:

Regards …

Thank you :slight_smile:
Thank you - yes it is a Malibu 2 (as far as I know). Good to know re. rotomolded as one kayak lists it as such. I was not sure what it meant - told you that I was a novice :wink:

I really appreciate your comments, thank you so much for taking the time, you have helped tremendoulsy …

Regards …

Keep looking
For a good deal on a used package on Craigslist. While you are looking at ~500 kayaks. Paddles, dolly and PFDs can add another $300 easily and those are for crumby paddles.

While you want a big fat slow boat SOT to start with, you don’t necessarily want cheap paddles. The alluminum shaft paddles you get for under $75 will make paddling miserable.

I would suggest searching for a CL deal that includes a boat that fits your needs and includes PFDs, seat backs, kayak cart, and decent paddles. I would look at the accessories as much as the boat.

The full touring kayak setup I bought for $575, came with a $475 paddle. I would never have spent that kind of money on a paddle but now that I own one, I can’t imagine paddling with anything less.

If you are going to buy new spend at least $100 on a fiberglass shaft paddle. Don’t spend too much on a paddle for your son as at 6 he wont be so much help, at least my 7 year old nephew wasn’t dragging the aluminum shafted rental paddle. Maybe a properly sized canoe paddle for him might be better.

Malibu II is fine
Malibu II if it’s an Ocean Kayak brand is fine to get started. It’s a bit heavy and slow paddling with a child, but it’s quite seaworthy and you can surf it if you want to. 300 -400 used around here.