Which of these deck rigging setups?

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I bought a deck rigging kit for my Field & Stream Eagle Talon 120 but am trying to determine the most functional way of rigging it.

Any opinions on these 6 configurations? I feel like the second one looks the best but I feel like the narrow part of the bungee up near the handle wouldn't be of much use.


Bungee or non-stretch line?
Are you putting bungees or non-stretch line on? What are you hoping to gain by putting it on?

I have never seen …
deck rigging go over a hatch cover.

I would rig it so it doesn’t go over the hatch cover.

jack L

Plus 1

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I would use the bottom half of #6 and keep it off the hatch. What are you planning to hold down?
I find a few bungees just forward of the cockpit are useful.

OK I see that it's a SOT.... You can store fish in the forward hatch if it's not covered with bungees.

what goes
into the front hatch ? Pfd ?

someone has a warehouse filled with deck rigging kits.

Might be worth researching…
why the manufacturer would ever recommend putting the bungies over a hatch cover. (I assume they are bungies or that would get really silly.)

Coming from a regular sea kayak perspective, I find it odd that so many of the configurations put the bungies fully blocking the hatch cover. Odd enough that it might be worth a call to the manufacturer to find out why they suggest it. You might find, for example, that the hatch cover could use more reinforcement to not get dislodged in waves.

If is is something like that, maybe you need to also ask for recommendations on storing fish.

Front Hatch

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The front hatch runs the entire length of the hull. It is my dry compartment that I do not intend to open while underway. I have no intention on ever putting fish inside as it would be a royal pain to clean and would become disgusting over time.

The lid does fit very snug and does not need further reinforcement, but since I do not intend to open it often, I figured the bungies on top would not be a dig deal, and the way I intend to rig it with clips, it can be easily loosened so the hatch may be accessed.

Honestly I don't have any specific use for it right now, but I was thinking in the future of maybe strapping down a tiny tabletop grill or something for those days over to the island to hang out and drink beers, or my PFD for the inland days. Figured it'd just be nice to have the extra storage capability when the time came. I may just hold off until I find a true legitimate reason to drill holes into my kayak. The rigging kit was only $14.

This is how I set up the stern well for now, which will cover most of my needs.


where are you
paddling ?

Mostly intracoastal South Florida waters. Eventually offshore.

my OCD says #2…nm

None of the above
Deck lines over a hatch is nonsense.