Which of these to get?

Ok so some help from the masses please.

I know lot of getting a boat is how it feels etc but just to get some overall feedback about my final 3 would be great.

I’m 300lbs & plan on doing 90% flat water, rivers, lakes etc & maybe the odd over night trip with the wife (who has a Riot Quest 10).

These are the final 3 in no set order:

Dagger Axis 12 - 12’ 350lbs)

Perception Acadia 11.5 - (11.5’ 365lbs)

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 - (14’ 350lbs)

Thanks for any feedback

Before you buy one of these . . .
I suggest that you try paddling a longer Sit-On-Top. It’s easier to board and exit from an SOT deck. Whatever you do, you should paddle it before you buy.

Thanks & you are right but a SOT is not an option for me.

Go with the
14’ boat. For your size you will be happier with the longer boat yet it isn’t so long that it will be difficult to turn and navigate in smaller creeks.

Have you tried getting into any of them? The Pungo might be your best option but for a large person I’m not sure if the others would be comfortable.

Any specific reason a sit on top won’t work? They’re all I’ve ever used in my 10 years of paddling for camping and fishing.

sit-in vs sit-on
I have sat in the Pungo 140 & the Axis 12, the Acadia 11.5 has the same opening as the Axis (smaller than the 140) but both felt good. The Pungo is a lot bigger exit for sure.

They all seem to have pretty good reviews from what I have seen, just looking for any more input.

As for the Sit-On’s, I just dont like them, no real reason just person choice.

I’d go with the 140. More length=less
effort ,more volume.

Pamlico 145T
give it a try

WS Pungo 14’
For your size, with any added gear, this will be your best option. I have a Pungo 120 and a Tsunmi 125, and with 300 pounds in either, (I’m 255-265) and some gear, I immediately suffer from “2 foot-itis”, as in “wish I had two more feet of boat”.

Acadia 11.5 ???
Does anyone know anything about the the Perception Acadia 11.5?

It is rated at 365lbs & only 11.5ft (& has better colors)

I had an Acadia 11.5 and I also was

– Last Updated: Oct-25-09 5:45 PM EST –

300 pounds at the time. It was a good boat for me all except that I could never get the seat comfortable. The boat would lean and ferry well, had a nice backpaddle and I could handle it in rough water as well as flat water. It wasn't too heavy and easy to dump the water out of when doing the Capistrano Flip. It was a hardy boat. The only reason I sold it was because of the dad-barn seat...ouch!

BTW, I purchased a Perception America after that and it was perfect, keeping in mind we are talking about entry level boats.

Edit, I purchased the boat new about 5 years ago. I HAVE HEARD that they changed the boat and cheapened it considerably.

Jackson Daytripper
I looked at and did a demo with a few of the ones you are looking at. I did like them but then I tried out the Jackson Daytripper 12ft version and that was it for me. It has a large cockpit for us larger guys, tons of room for storage, very stable and can handle the extra weight.

As it gets closer to spring I will be picking one of these up at the local outfitter that I did the demo at. I know I wanted something that I sat in but wanted a large cockpit opening and the Jackson Daytripper easily fit the bill.