Which one?

I’m buying a kayak this Friday and my options are: Old Town Dirigo 120 for $699, or Pungo 120 for $775.00

I paddled both today and have paddled the Pungo before. To me the Pungo feels slightly slower, but there isn’t enough difference to decide one or the other. However, I like the looks of the Dirigo over the Pungo.

Any thoughts?


Buy the one you like.

Which should be the Pungo
Get the Pungo.


Where do you paddle?
If you are talking about quiet lakes and rivers, whichever one those who know that category of boats recommend (I don’t know this group).

If you are talking more challenging environments and/or want to learn skills like rolling, I’d say to go longer and skinnier. Also used to keep the price down.

I agree with String
Buy the one that speaks to you. If you don’t like the boat you choose you won’t paddle it as much. Different boats do different things for different folks.

Dirigo 120
it is. I like it better. I am going to be paddling quiet streams, slower rivers, a small bayou, and the Pensacola Bay.

I just wanted to make sure that this boat had a decent reputation and from all of the research I couldn’t find much negative. However, the Pungo is a more popular boat. The Dirigo looks and feels better to me, but paddles about the same.


Dirigo is…
relatively new to Old Town’s line and the Pungo is a vet of the Rec Wars…

Might account for more Pungos being out there.

Specs say its a draw, so you went with aesthetics. A fine choice either way. Hope you get many great trips out of her and congratulations.

(now that you have a boat I can) See You On The Water,


Good choice! Congratulations!

Get the Pungo120 for $620.00
Got to www.ems.com and save a bunch. They have 06, 07, and brand new versions for that price.

Which one?
Hands down: The Dirigo! I just sold my Dirigo 105 and am still kicking myself. It’s far better looking than the Pungo and is very stable plus it’s a solid boat. The cockpit deck with the day hatch and bottle holder is a great feature! Get the Dirigo!