Which Paddle for...

I paddled a Kruger Sea Wind a few times and enjoyed the seating position and the ZRE bent shaft that came with the boat. I designed and built an open canoe with similar overall dimensions and seating position. It’s almost ready to get wet so I want to get a paddle.

I plan on getting one of the ZRE paddles eventually but would like a wooden bent-shaft paddle for now. There’s more than a few sharp rocks where I paddle most often so a less expensive one is desired. The wooden paddle will become a back up to the ZRE once it is purchased.

Any thoughts on what would be a somewhat equivilent wooden paddle to the ZRE?

Yea… that sounds kinda goofy but you get my point, hopefully. :wink:

Obviously there will be some trade offs in weight and performance but I have no issue with that. I haven’t tried out many bent shafts and I can’t remember which ZRE model I used with the Sea Wind.

The We-no-nah Quetico seemed like a decent choice.