Which paddle?

HI guys,

Need some help.

I have purchased Advanced Elements convertible.

I am planning to paddle on sea and i am complete novice.

I am 195 cm tall and have 120 kg

Please help me to choose proper paddle.


Contact Cannon Paddle. They will custom make a paddle for you with the proper twist angle for the type of paddling you’re planing on doing.

They made me two recently and I’m very happy with their service. They made me a two piece to tie to my deck for an extra and a single.

I was lost at first, as I am combat disabled and had trouble with a lot of the paddles I tried.

Cannon solved my problem.


Google–Onno Paddle
Give Pat a call. He’ll be more than happy to help you find the right paddle. He builds one of the best paddle out there.

Aquabound Manta Ray, 230 cm (that’s about the minimum for an inflatable…you need to clear the sides) in a fiberglass shaft. Good all around paddle and not overly expensive.