Which rack?

I’m looking for some information on which Yakima rack would be best suited to carry a Wilderness systems ride 135 and a tarpon 120 on top of my subaru outback. The Ride is 34 inches wide and the 120 is 30 (i think). I’m leaning towards the mako saddles with the hulley rollers. The biggest question is what size bars do i need. I currently have 48 inch. Clearly these wont work. Will the 58 inch bars work? or will i have to go to the 66 inch. Thanks for any info.

Too big of bars and you’re going to brain yourself getting in and out.

Why not go with shorter bars and a pair of j-cradles. Would seem to make life simpler and you won’t get a goose egg lump either.

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will these securely transposrt boats this big?

J Cradles
Don’t know if they will but if you decide to go that route I have 2 pair of mMlones and Yakima I would love to sell cheap. The Malones have 3 years use the Yakimas have 2 times use before I bought a trucj and did not need them any longer. Keep me in mind. Thanks

58 inchers on my Outback
With Yakima Low Riders. The bars sit at a place where the “Braining” problem is not a problem at all, for either the front or back seat. I think you could get away with 66 inchers, but I know you will have no trouble with 58 inchers.

no need for cradles.
SOT ride nicely upside down like a canoe. The Ride on its side would be a huge sail so I would transport that one flat on the bars nd put the Tarpon in the in J-cradles. That arrangement should fit on your current bars.

Possibly Stackers and put the yaks
on edge? I have an Outback, and it’s not hard to get the boats on edge against the stackers. I think they may be more aerodynamic that way than if carried horizontally or in J cradles.