Which Solara 120, Tupelo 12.5, or pungo

Hello which is a better boat for my needs and size. I’m going on streams and small still bodies of water. 6’4 250 pounds. Solara 120, Tupelo 12.5, or pungo 120. I’m a totally noob and opinions would be appreciated. Thank you Steve

You are too heavy for the Pungo 120.
You will put it too low in the water to paddle efficiently.

That is why I have a 140.

Which pungo 140 or Solaria 135
Ok I understand I want a bigger boat. So which would you choose? Pungo 140 or Solaria 135r? Thank you

another option
Current Design Kestrel 140R

Tough decision
I know the tough decisions you face. Same here. Looking at similar kayaks as my first this year, I decided on Tupelo. I am 6ft 3in, 195lbs and it fits great. Love the comfortable seat and seems stable in the water. I’ve heard that the solar 13.5 might be good option for someone with your measurements

your observations on the kayak
You say the kayak “fits great and seems stable on the water”. Do you choose your cars because the driver’s seat is comfortable and it feels good sitting in a parking lot? Did you actually try paddling it any distance? That really is an important test for a kayak purchase, how it feels to propel it some reasonable distance as well as how it compares to models of other sizes and proportions.

Most kayak have a comfortable seat (as do most cars). That should not be the primary criterium for selecting a model, unless all you plan to do is sit and fish.

Solara 135
Thanks for the help. I decided on the Solara 135. I tested both I preferred the larger boat. Both have Similar quality. In the end the Solara was a better fit for me. It was only a $100 more.