Which SOT comes closest

I’m looking for a plastic SOT which is

  1. fun and easy to handle when playing in the southern calif. surf

  2. can still function as a sea kayak and is halfway decent for ocean touring

  3. is fairly short (around 12-13’) but narrow (25" or less)

    I know such a thing doesn’t exist, but what sot’s would come closest to being an all-round good choice that would satisfy the above?

If You’re Willing To Pay
a higher premium for higher quality composite:


What you want, except in composite. (Cobra used to make it in plastic, though I have yet to see one in the used market).


Cobra Re-Vision?

too bad – it looks like it might really
the bill, except it’s a bit out of my price range unfortunately.

The Disco

Folks over at topkayaker.net seem to think highly of this boat, it’s very well priced as well!

Thanks. Took a look at the website
Seems like it might be a reasonable alternative (but I can’t find a dealer in SoCal) so I might not be able to try it out.

Cobra Revision, Necky Spike
They are wider than 24", but for most SOTs you need to be a bit wider to have sufficient stability.

How much touring are you going to do? A few miles up to 10 miles these boats would be fine. If you are talking about real touring then you should be thinking a bout a longer boat like a tarpon, I have a seadart 14’ which is pretty good for what you are talking about but not something you are going to play in the surf in.

I would say 10 miles touring would
be the top I would expect to do. Mostly just going along the SoCal coastline, playing a little in the surf, going around on bays for a few hours at a time.

I use my Cobra Strike for similar trips.
Works fine, but I’m paddling with myself or other rockhopper boats.

Not a fast paddler but good enough for exploring the coastline and rockgardens, caves, and excellent surfer.

Here’s a revision on craigslist but the guy wants to trade (he’s dreaming).


A new revision is almost as much as a Hunt Johnson wave witch. I would definitely go for the wave witch, Hunt lives in Encintas and I believe you could come down and try one out.

Not Plastic
http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/spo/761884457.html But could do the trick