Which stabilizers for solo canoe?

Hi, folks. I’ve got a Hemlock Peregrine canoe which I happily use without stabilizers for day paddles and camping trips. I’d like, however, to use stabilizers to convert the Peregrine into a good fly fishing platform. Has anyone used any stabilizers on a narrow canoe? I’ve also got a big wide tandem fiberglass canoe that I’d like to be able to put the stabilizers on sometimes… same stabilizers, same reason.

Any recommendations on which brand/plan will work with both a narrow canoe and a wide canoe?

Any/all wisdom appreciated.


The best place imho

You may want to google Chesapeke
Bay fishing, maybe find out if there are any web sites for the area…I’m sure there are. Also, if you are new to saltwater fishing, it may be good to go with a guide once or twice and get some basic education in fishing the bay. Alternatively, find someone who fishes the bay and arrange to go with him/her.

Canoegear, aka Spring Creek Outfitters. The best!! Any luck with the flies yet this year? Lakes are still ice up here, but have nailed a few brookies in streams on a fly I tied that I call a sparkle bug.

I speak from experience
the stabilizers from Spring Creek are just what you need. I fly fish from a Bell angler with stabilizers. Landed two nice browns last weekend.

Thanks and…
Thanks everyone. Sounds like Spring Creek is indeed the way to go.

Does anyone know whether one long universal receiver will also fit a much narrower canoe? I’ve got a skinny canoe and a fat canoe and I want to use one setup for both of them, if possible.

Don’t know, but
Talk to Ted or Viv the owners of Spring Creek they are very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I’m sure they can help you out. As I recall the UR adjusts to several widths, I think they also can customize it if needed.

thanks. I got an email response from them this morning and yes, they say the larger universal receiver will also work for the narrower canoe. I’m good to go.