Which Tandem

I am down to two boats to purchase… my wife and I have two kids (6 and 7) and I already have a Pamlico 120 w rudder rigged to the hill for fishing but we are looking into a tandem.

Right now I or my wife can take either child easily in the Pamlico but we are looking for a tandem both for taking a child fishing with us or when we want to paddle together… so basically it will be used for both tandam and solo purposes in those times where we paddle together in seperate boats. The two I most like are the Ultimate 14.5 and the 135T Pamlico. We hope to test these later this week both I want as much feedback and info before as possible.

We paddle small lakes and slow moving rivers where any rapids are extremly rare… even clas 1.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatlt appreciated.

Necky Manitoa II
Check out the Necky Manitou II tandem. It is a tandem rec boat that has two cockpits.We love ours & it even has a removable child seat w/ internal storage inside it.



Wow that Necky is a fine looking boat… never even considered it till now… gonna go have a lokk at one tomorrow for a closer look.

Get the rudder
Some swear by a rudder, some will preach against them till thier blue in the face. But I will tell you this, in a tandem kayak, GET the rudder. It will help the two of you work together & keep the arguments about paddle technique down. This keeps it from being a “divorce boat” in my book. Besides, when you dont want ut, you just pull the cord to bring it back onto the stern. Let me know if you have any questions about it.


Kayak Choice
I would tell you that we sell many Wilderness Systems 135T’s and I agree with FireKayaker the Rudder is usefull in keeping the peace in a long boat, we don’t normally push people into rudders until they are at the 14 Ft area but we believe that at 13.5 it should be considered, Good luck with your search. Dave - Connecticut Outdoors, LLC

Hi there is some reviews on pnet bout the i35T.I just bought one myself to solo rig for fishing. I have some minor negatives about it …best to read the reviews on pnet( product reviews section ) …For $1000 MSRP…WS could have done a better job with it. IE: mount the rudder a couple of inches higher and made the blade longer to raise the rudder control lines up away from scraping the rear deck, sloppy locking bolt for sliding front seat, better floation fore/aft,the foam blocks that come with boat couldn’t keep a paddle afloat in my opinion, better front deck rigging. bottom lip on cockpit opening is sharp, i used car door moulding strips to cover lip. i will say the seats are comfortable. do your research and good luck

i got both

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I got both...the pamlico 135t...rig as solo and got a hutimate 14,5 last weekend.

my pam is alwasy in special at the paddle shops around here got mine fore 719$ plus tax brand new..this is cdn$

i got 37 outhing last year frome my pam 135 and already have 2 frome mew new ultimate.

both are great.

that ultimate is WOW. so stabile and comfortable. both can be rig solo easyly for fishing like i do.

i think i like more my ultimate for fishing only and the pamlico to paddle.

what i like about that pamlico..its the room you get..and that its one huge cockpit not 2 so easyer to rig solo.

the best for you its to go try them both wit 2 people.

and you are not to far frome ottawa/ontario you can try mine no prob.

if you do a search here you will find my my pam rig up for fishing.if you ever want to do that.

there is also the old town tendam big cockpit..or the natives marvel very nice to.

try them.your best bet


which tandem
Thanks all for the advice… I have a Pamlico rigged for fishing and love it… also I have the rudder for it and its a nice addition to any yak for drift fishing.

As for the tandem we ended up getting the Necky Manitou II. We were blown away what this yak offers the family… it can be rigged solo but for us it will normally be used Tandem.

Great Choice!
FINALLY, someone else on P-Net has the same boat. We had ours out yesterday for the first time this season. It was great as ussual. Did you get the rudder option?What color?