Which to choose-Manta Ray 12 or 11?

I am new to kayaking and am trying to choose between a Manta Ray 12 or 11. My husband likes the weight and length better of the 11, but I will paddle in Oklahoma winds and am worried. I tried a short 10 Rush and really struggled in headwinds. What do you think? Newbie

i have the 12
i have the 12 foot version and haven’t had any problems in the wind, with waves or current, it tracks pretty good. however, it is pretty heavy, so that is definitely something to consider, especially if you are going to go paddle alone. i doubt that you will have a problem with tracking in the 11 foot one. the reason you were having problems in the rush is most likely because of the boat design, not the length. i also have an 11 foot perception montour that tracks just great.

hope this helps

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Dear gaqajaq, thanks you did help. It’s also my first to use a message board so your reply encouraged me.

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Pay attention to the weight…

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The weights that manufacturers list for their kayaks usually fudge the data. Make sure you will be happy lifting and carrying these boats. The idea of having a kayak is that you have a light portable boat that is easy to cartop, carry to the water, carry down banks and bluffs and will accellerate when you want to maneuver. Both of these boats really heavy for their length. The difference in ten pounds can be a lot in how much you enjoy getting your boats on and off your car and into the water. Both of these boats are as heavy as a 14' kayak I have that I don't use much anymore because it's just a drag to move it around.

Manta Ray 11 should be fine
I think you’ll find the Manta Ray 11 will track just fine for you. Big improvement over the Rush in that regard. You will appreciate the weight savings over the 12 footer. I have the Manta Ray 14 rigged up for fishing and tried the 11 last week and was surprised how well it floated my 200 lbs so you should be Ok even with some gear.