which wheel carts are most stowable

Which wheel carts are most stowable in Valley hatches? I own a Valley Etain composite 17-7.

Sorry I can’t remember the name,but I have a cart which quickly disassembles without tools to a small cone with the wheels stacked on the axle. It’s the kind that goes on the end of the canoe, not the middle. Works in impossibly rough conditions. It was designed for kayaks, but works for all my solos. Nope can’t remember, but searching will find it.


I have a Impex kayak with Valley hatches
and I and use a C-Tug. It completely disassembles and fits into the rear hatch.

I gave it a pretty poor review on this site because when I originally bought my C-Tug, it had pneumatic tires that were defective and almost immediately went flat and could not be fixed. Apparently this was a common problem because shortly after I bought mine they re-designed the wheels on it, and with the new wheels it works great.

got it
It’s called Trail Treker