Which white water kayak?


I have just taken up paddling & am looking to buy a river runnng kayak. I am 5’2", and under 60kg, and would like something that is quite stable, that I can progress in - mainly river running, but can be paddled for a short distance also (ie not so keen on the playboating aspect). I have considered: Burn (Pyranha), Lil’Joe (LiquidLogic), GT (Dagger), Sonic (Perception), and the H3 (Pyranha). Does anyone have any advice?

Thanking you!

You could also look at the smaller
WS Diesel. Pay particular attention to outfitting, because for good skill development, you have to be well-fitted to the boat AND confident that you can wriggle out when you need to. You can also get advice on boatertalk.com, as well as plenty of nonsense.

Good choices you have there. I think
the Stretch is more playfull than the H3 and Dagger GT. I have the Stretches predecesor (sp?) the I:3 223 and enjoy its stability and volume for larger rivers but also use a now dated Wave Sport Big EZ for more fun and manoeverability. From looking at your boat selection you seem to be heading towards a mixture of “less play” more stable type boats though i am not familiar with either Perception Sonic or Liquid Logic one you mentionned.

You might want to check out “Jackson Hero” series i believe and Wavesport “Big EZ” maybe too the “Booster” by who i can’t remember. I also suggest asking your question in Boatertalk as mor ww boaters playing around there. See ya down stream.

But wait!
Don’t forget Prijon.

You have a choice between …
river running play boats (RRP) and river running creek boats (RRC). It is mostly a matter of your paddling goals and what you find to be fun. I recommend you start cheap. You can get most of the following used for $500 or less on gearswap on boatertalk.com:

Riot Booster 55 (RRP)

Wave Sport EZ (RRP)

Pyranha InaZone 230/232 (RRP)

Pyranha I:3 (RRP)

Wave Sport Diesel (RRC)

Liquid Logic Li’l Joe (RRC)

Jackson Fun series (RRP) or Hero (RRC)

new boat???used???
Wavesport Siren…great small boat…

just go to the closest ww shop and try them out!!!keep trying til you find one you like…

the gt is a great boat without many playboating aspects-just a great riverrunning boat…other ones??not certain…