Which would you choose for a surf class?

I’m likely heading to a surf kayaking class in the SF Bay Area this Sunday, and they (Sea Trek)offer the following choice of sit-on-tops:

Islander Hula

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Perception Torrent

Perception 5-0

Which of these would I get the most out of in an all-day class? For reference, I’m a smaller paddler (about 5’5", 130#), and as far as skills go, I should be about BCU 3-star equivalent with a solid roll (not that that should matter with the SOTs). I did one surf class last year in a whitewater boat, but spent more time out of the boat than in it, as I only had the beginnings of a roll. Thanks, folks!

Never Rode An SOT
but I think the Islander Hula and the Perception Five O are supposed to be surf specific. The Torrent is white water. When in surf, use a surf specific boat when given the chance.

Here is a link to UK site with photos:


Have fun, you lucky dog. Left coast have waves. We don’t right now.


I Agree With Sing

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The only boat listed I have surfed is the Frenzy. It is certainly the most forgiving, but the 5-0, or Hula would be more fun in small to medium surf.

The 5-0 has trouble with larger boaters over 200#, but should be fine for you.

The most popular surfing SOTs out here are the Cobra Strike and Wilderness Systems Kaos. I am surpised they do not offer them.

Where is your lesson? Ocean Beach?

Other than the Perception 5.0, none of the others is a surf specific boat. You can still have fun on the others…but the design of those boats will somewhat limit your ability to have a true paddle surfing experience. I too am puzzled by the absence of the two most popular SOT roto-mold surf craft - the Strike and the Kaos. My guess is because they are primarily wave riders and don’t have the versiatility an outfitter likes for their store fleet.

Recommendation: The Perception 5.0

I’ve got an islander hula
and like it a lot,can’t speak for the others but I sometimes regress and lay down and surfboard paddle it when punching through waves and have stood on mine forgeting I’m supposed to be paddling,old habits die hard.

Jerry is Right. Go with the 5-0.
Go with the 5-0. You will make the most progress at actually surfing down the line. You won’t be able to make bottom turns and cut-backs with the other boats, they will tend to hang up on the foam pile.