Whick Newbie Kayak for SF Bay?

-- Last Updated: Sep-28-06 1:30 PM EST --

Hi All,

I am presently shopping around for a SOT yak for paddling around the San Francisco Bay Area. I would primarily paddle lake merced, oyster point marina, foster city, and some of the local reservoirs.

I have been gravitating towards the Cobra brand yaks, especially the Tourer, Navigator, & Explorer. Any opinions on what would be a good choice for paddling?

Oh I forgot, I'm 5'8 /190lbs.


SOTs are great.
Probably the best for rough Bay waters is the Wilderness System Tarpon 160.

I like inflatables even better. I have an Innova Solar (double) and it is an amazing boat. Plenty tough (bullet proof), handles rough water really well (inflatables flex with waves – instead of getting pushed over), and folds up to store in my closet. Sevylor and Advanced Elements are good too.

BTW, I live in the Bay Area too. Email me if you want to paddle sometime.

Thanks for the recommendation
I never really considered an inflatable, but i’d like to try it out. How far out on the bay do you take your boat? I am planning on paddling near along the coast near Foster City beach and the bay between Candlestick (Oops monster Park) and Oyster Point. The water seems pretty flat.

I just found out about the SF Bay Paddlefest this weekend in San Mateo. $20 bucks lets you try out all kinds of yaks. I passed a newbie sea yak class last year, but I really didn’t like the closed in feeling.

Bay Area Paddlefest, Ca
Great way to try out boats, paddles, pfds. Meet some of the authors of books, manufactures, their reps, etc. I will be there Saturday-will be in some of the on the water classes. Bring your wetsuit-or rent one-a change of clothes etc. the food vendors are pretty good. Can be very windy in the afternoon-great time to see how your boat will handle in those conditions. I have always had a great time at this event.


Hurricane Aqua sports
Just came out with a 16’ SOT. Light weight thermoform plastic. Look very interesting. give one a demo