whick yak to use in ocean?

Probably a dumb question here. Which boat do you think would be better suited for the ocean, a dagger element 11.2 rec boat or a dagger RPM Max whitewater boat? I thought the RPM but my friend says the element? The Gulf of Mexico is the body of water, so the waves aren’t very big.

Depends what you want to do
and what the conditions are like. I don’t paddle either type of boat, but from stuff posted by those who do, I’d think that both have their limitations, but the rec boat would be a better choice as long as you stay within its limitations, take appropriate precautions, etc. If you don’t know what you need to do to paddle safely, don’t go out in open water until you do.

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Are you thinking about buying a boat or just going out for a paddle? Do you already own and paddle these boats? Either one will work in small waves in a protected area. The rec boat will be easier to paddle long distances but sucks if you capsize. RPM would be fun to play in the small waves but a pain to paddle a long way. I’d probably choose the RPM for real ocean paddling. If you’ve never paddled a kayak before and don’t know how to deal with capsizes join a club or take a lesson before you go out.

Get Two Used!
RPM would be fine for wave play. I would get something a bit longer for going on a day tour. Can’t say what since I don’t know what size and weight you are.

If you have to have one boat and you want light tour and wave play, something in the 13-15’ range (light touring) with a keyhole size coaming should do okay (less chance of a wave imploding your skirt).


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I got my butt kicked my someone in a tiger striped RPM at my first Santa Cruz. Definitely not inconcievable to surf a RPM. :) A little humbling gives pause...

Danger Element... Well, could be a rockhopping boat but...

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