whiskey jack greenland paddle

Has anybody used one of these paddles. There

laminated white & red cedar & one of the best

looking paddles I’ve ever saw. I believe

whiskey jack paddles are more known for canoe

paddles. Thx

Whiskey Jack sticks
I can’t speak directly to the Whiskey Jack Greenland paddle but I’d bet it is top notch. Their canoe paddles are beautiful, lightweight, well-finished and (hard to believe) tough as nails. They make great stuff, including a bent shaft targeted directly toward women called the Whiskey Jill (featuring a smaller diameter shaft and slightly reduced blade size). Since the Peter Puddicome paddles disappeared from the market (though I understand he has begun making them again), there is nothing at all out there like these sticks. Pricey ($125-$250) but just killer good.

Their GP is very pricey…
…$275 + $22.00 in “handling” to be precise. It may be worth it, but I’d hesitate to buy one sight unseen, particularly since you can’t specify the loom length, blade width, etc. and they don’t provide the details on their site. It may be just the photo, but the blades look rather flat, too.

Looks nice

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From the website, they look beautiful. Hard to really comment on them without paddling with them first though.
Also the price is up there a bit at first glance. But i fthey paddle well and you like the feel, then the price is still in line with a carbon Euro paddle if not cheaper so you never know. Would be fun to try one out.
As for Greenland paddles in genreal, I just finished a solo circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, roughly 1200 kilometers, using a greenland paddle (not one of theirs) for about 95& of the entire expedition. Did the trip in 23 days and 10 hours, shaving 4 and a half days off the record. So the GP's certainly will perform if you have a good one. Good luck and let us know if you end up getting one of their paddles.

Cheers...Joe O'Blenis