Whiskeyjack paddles

I just got 2 new Whiskeyjack paddles in the mail. One is a double bent (Double Whiskey) and one a 12 degree bent shaft (Whiskey River.) While I have not had a chance to wet them yet I am very excited by what I see and feel. They are made of red and white cedar, are very beautiful, extremelt lioght, and feel very comfortable in the hand.

These paddles are made in Duluth, MN in a very small shop. They advertise here on P.net, also. I encourage anyone who prefers wood paddles to check them out: http://www.whiskeyjackpaddles.com/

double bent paddle
I have a double bent Whiskey Jack. I love this paddle. Wait until you use your new paddle. Its very light and very comfortable. I bought mine last year at Piragis after a bwca trip. I used it on a few weekend trips. Its a great paddle.

There impossible to get a hold of
They never respond to emails, never answer

the phone and even one of there dealers

couldn’t get ahold of them.

Contacting Whiskeyjack
I have not had that experience. I have had several contacts with Dan Brown of Whiskeyjack via email. While he may not respond immediately, he has been very good at getting back to me.

I’ve e-mailed several times
in the past without reply. Maybe someone here can answer this question: On the straight shaft canoe paddle blades, is there a raised center rib or no? There are no pics showing a side view and I cannot determine the dihedral shape. Anyone know?


You can call 1-800 I-PADDLE, they have them in stock and can look for you. Good question.

A note from Whiskeyjack Paddles
Hey guys-

Danny here from Whiskeyjack.

Here’s the scoop. Whiskeyjack Paddles is a small, simple, artisan’s shop. We don’t have a secretary or a customer service rep -in fact, we don’t even have a phone in the shop. We are not a huge mass production facility. Each of our paddles is individually hand carved and I spend the majority of each day with hearing protection, safety glasses and a dust mask on. Not conducive to answering phones…

I’m very sorry that a few of you posted that I didn’t respond to your questions. I get dozens of emails and voice mails every day from all over the world and my wife or I try our absolute best to respond. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) demand for our paddles is extremely high and we are pretty much always sold out. We could probably expand into a huge company, but much prefer to remain small and keep the quality of our paddles as high as possible.

Please know that we give really amazing customer service to anybody who has purchased a paddle -to the point that you’ll get annoyed by us. If you’ve ordered a custom job or need a paddle by a specific date, I routinely email reports of the status of the paddle and anticipated completion dates. If there is EVER a problem we are all over it…

Lastly, the rumors are true. We close up shop in June and live at our cabin at the edge of the Boundary Waters for the summer. I have to drive for over an hour just to get to a computer. We lose quite a bit of sales by being closed down for the peak summer months. However, we choose to live a slow, simple life pursuing our love of the outdoors over making money. We never take on more orders than we can handle and routinely have to turn away customers. We always feel really crummy when we have to say no to a paddler.

So that’s the story. Thanks to all of you for the kind posts about our paddles. We work our tails off trying to make the best paddles possible. I’m glad you love them!

Happy paddling,

Danny Brown

Whiskeyjack Paddles

Full support for you Dan!
I’m waiting on my WJ paddle but being the freezin’ season am not in a hurry. I’ve had no issue with contacting WJP by email or phone.

In addition to having a custom built paddle by length Dan agreed to a slight modification to the blade shape. This is truly an artisan shop…

so …ah … Dan, when will I see my paddle…?

L ;o)

Small but personal
I’ve got a Whiskey Jack bent shaft that I’m very happy with. Sorry that some of you have had trouble with making contact with them.

I had a small service issue that was handled very well.

Service is superb.
I had a paddle damaged by UPS in shipping. Clearly not Dan’s fault however he replaced the paddle and then some! I can’t say enough good about the operation. I can’t wait for a thaw so I can wet my new paddles! They will get lots of use this spring and I will post then refarding how well they function. They sure are beautiful!