Whisky 18


Looks like Nigel Foster’s design for the Whisky will be offered in two sizes now.

I wonder how similiar it will be to the Shadow. Too bad no dimensions are listed.

I’m also curious about a Whiskey 16 compared to an Echo.

way more rocker
is my take. Paddled the 16 some and it is sweet. high maneuverability.


Whisky 18
Not yet available in the states, to my knowledge at least. The dimensions are 18’ x 22". I’ve just put up the information I have at http://www.touringkayaks.com/point_65/whisky18.pdf

Design philosophy?
Are the center of the Whisky hulls following the design of his Legend/Silhouette/Shadow designs and then he has redesigned the bow and stern shape along with changing the rocker from those designs?

Go to manufacturer’s website…
… for more info (on 16 - for design intent/feature stuff) or just email him directly.

These seem to be all new designs/approaches relative to the ones you are talking about. Might be some commonalities of personality given same designer - but I wouldn’t pigeon hole him like that - as much time has elapsed in between these efforts - and different set of requirements/variables went into them.