Whisperlite stove problem

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If I find a place where my goats can’t go I find a way around. With the amount of public land out west we have a much greater variety of hikes to choose from. To say that western mountains aren’t very techincal isn’t a very wise statement to make. It demonstrates a lack of knowledge about the west.

I just realized I allowed myself get way off topic. Sorry about that.

Back to the problem at hand
I too have an older Whisperlite (non-shaker), and several years ago I started having problems with the burner “burping” - puting out first too much flame and then cutting way back. I cleaned the jet but no improvement. I called MSR’s helpline, and they described a fix which involved super-cleaning the fuel tube. Not difficult, but for the life of me I cannot remember the steps. Worked like a charm!

Call them.


Fuel tube cleaning
I beleive this is what you are referring to.

Remove the cable in the fuel tube. Pour clean fuel into the tube. Replace the cable and run it back in forth in the fuel tube with the clean fuel. This action will remove built up carbon and any impurities from poor fuel. I do this with the cable a few times, untill no more residue comes out when the cable is removed.

When you are finished, clean fuel poured into the fuel tube will come out clean.

I hope this is clear and helps.


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That was the drill. Worked like a charm for me.


BTW, "dry" cleaning with the cable does not do the trick. "Wet" cleaning with the cable and flushing is what solved my problem.

Update on problem
I recieved th new jets from MSR. They were new style shaker jets and did not fit. Called MSR and the rep said only other fix would be to replace the fuel line assembly to fit the new jets. Decided not to do that. Did take the stove outside and after topping off the fuel bottle tried to get it lit. It put off flames of about a foot for around a minute, then it kicked in and ran right. I ran it for about five minuyes, declared victory, and shut it down and put it away.

Small Stove
I still use a Svea 123. Brass, compact & light, I carry a small MSR bottle for white gas. 35 years old (the stove, not me) and still works like a champ!

JH Bahn

it’s great for cooking goats!

Carb Cleaner?
Just looking through some older threads . . .

Has anyone tried carburator cleaner through their liquid fuel stove? It seems to me MSR recommended this in the manual (which I have now lost).

Old Whisperlite burner plates
You might also check to make sure the burner plates are stacked properly and aligned. The older Whisperlites do NOT have tabs to align the plates and the screw that holds them in place might loosen just enough the plates get out of alignment, buggering up the flame quality. This is the only problem I’ve ever had on my old stove outside of using generic/ off brand white gas which tends to gel slightly with age and if left in the stove or bottle for long periods. Spend the little bit extra for the good old Coleman fuel, the stuff never seems to go bad. If you ever took the plate assembly apart to clean… did you reassemble them in the proper sequence? This can also have an effect on this stoves burn quality.

Carb cleaner
Funny you should mention this as it was just discussed here. http://www.myccr.com/SectionForums/viewtopic.php?t=15540

About 12 posts down, seems to have worked quite nicely.

My Whisperlite is 22 years old and

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still going...If it dosen't work right then I didn't clean it right/well enough..

I did not
realize that this was still ongonig as a topic. I thank everyone for the advice , parts and input. I will once again reclean and retry the stove. I always knew that the stove was a quality product.

Thanks Dave
I got the pieces and will try it out soon. Once again Thanks.

Your welcome
Did you get the email I sent with the scanned parts list and troubleshooting guide?

Yes and
THanks again

Love that stove

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I've been using mine for many years. I stopped at a local outdoor store the other day and for some reason they were closing out all MSR stoves and water filters. They were selling the white gas Wisperlite complete for 29.00 bucks....for that price I picked up 2. Other stores in town want 69.00