whistle attached to lifejacket?

I want my whistle to be attached to my lifejacket. It has a key ring on it, but I want to ideally have it attached to a bungee type cord so I can easily get it to my mouth quickly if I need to. The rest of the time I can have it readily available but not in the way.

Anyone know where I can find something like this? I’ve already tried REI (big suprise- no help there! The SA wanted me to use a nylon lanyard around my neck- dumb idiot wanted me to get strangled I guess).

Any help is appreciated!

Get thin climbing line
Static line - EMS tends to have some nice ones - then tie the whistle off to D-rings in pockets or wherever on your PFD. Stuff it in the picket then pull it out as needed. If you don’t have pockets with D-rings on your PFD, start looking around for a PFD with them. You’ll eventually get there.

Bungie (or telephone) cord doesn’t sound wise…

Why don’t you just cut a bit of cord and tie it on a loop long enough to loop it over the shoulder of the life jacket. Should only be long enough to reach your mouth and allow you to blow while turning your head both ways and not pull out of your mouth.

When not in use, tuck under the life jacket. I don’t like attaching it in the pocket as it then needs a really long cord and to use you have to open your pocket and find it. Should be quick and easy.


we just use

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a short line and attach the whistle to a loop or zipper on the pfd. Mines attached to a d-ring in front, and has about 3" of line, yet I can reach it easily, and immediately, without searching. You can see it hanging here.

Look in Bass Pro shops or Cabelas
For fishing they make a small retractable tool holder that pins to the outside of your fishing vest. It would probably work for what you want and they are cheap. I have one on my fishing vest that has a pair of clippers attached to it. Works great and it’s always there but out of the way.

Something like this?
I guess I was thinking of something like this. It might be overkill though.



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That phone cord that could stretch and get longer is, to me, both questionable and unnecessary. You have plenty of good ideas here that are cheaper and probably safer. (I don't at all like that phone cord thing for a paddle-leash either.)

By the way, if you love clips you can purchase just the clip from good outfitters and some places online, then tie off a cord to your preferred length from the PFD.

I have one on the zipper (it should NOT be there because it does tent to work the zipper down:) And one on a thin Bungee in my pocket. That bungee is designed to break if I haul hard or get it hooked.

I have another whistle on my dry suit collar.

All Fox 40’s and I loose the odd whistle.

Coast Guard, the RCMP, the Office of Boating Safety and the off supplier give these whistles out as promo stuff.

They only sost $4.00 Cdn. anyway.

But Thanks CCG, OBS, and RCMP.

Get a lanyard

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And loop it around the shoulder of your pfd so that it hangs in front. Whistle goes on the clip part.

As it moves to around your neck…

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Doesn't sound good if I am understanding it right.

I have a storm whistle
so it is kinda big. I would’ve gone with a fox 40, but since I already had a storm, I figure I’ll keep it. I’ll try a thin cord around a buckle or shoulder strap (not on the zipper).

thanks for all the suggestions!

I use the retractable lanyard from
a tackle shop, maybe it was Gander Mountain. Probably have to replace it every five years or so.

I have it pinned inside a PFD pocket and have a spare car key attached to it.



Zipper problems
I caught my zipper-mounted whistle on a perimeter line while heaving up onto the back deck during rescue practice a few years back - it unzipped my pfd all the way open, and it essentially came off, not good.

Since then I’ve got a new pfd with buckles in addition to the zipper and moved the whistle to a light lanyard tucked inside the top of a pocket. Works well, but the retractable thingy for fishing vests sounds like a good idea.

Something like this?
Is this what you were talking about?


zipper safety
My zippered PFDs have a little loop of bungee at the top that you tuck the zipper pull down into. That prevents them from getting pulled down when you drag yourself up on deck.

Not sure how universal it is, but I’ve got it on MTI and Stohlquist vests.

As for the whistle, I can’t imagine paying $25 for whistle lanyard. I’d recommend simply tying a 10" piece of cord or light bungie on it, and tucking it in your vest pocket. I’ve got lash tabs in my PFD pockets, and I just loop gear on those to keep them accessible but secure. If it only reaches your chin it can’t strangle you, so no worries about that.

Another good place to tuck a whistle is inside the shoulder loops that some vests have enclosing the shoulder straps. Tie a very short cord on it, and stuff it up in that little tunnel.

badge clip
We have these retractable badge clips that they gave us with our security badges that work great for this application. Not sure where you buy them though.

You can find these at staples or other office supply store, but they’ll rust in salt water, and I don’t think I’d trust them with a piece of safety equipment I didn’t want popping off unexpectedly.

Whistle on bungie cord
Marine supply store. Bungie cord @ 59 cents/ft.

Works for me.

most places that require
their employees to wear ID badges, you will always find some who are hanging their car-key from a retractable lanyard.

Hardware stores sell the heavy-duty ones for keys. I use that for my Multi-Tool.

But if you go to an office supplu store, you will find smaller versions for offices.

I hang my whistle from that smaller retractable lanyard.

if you want to spend $23 for soemthing that can be done as well for $2.