Whistler V Squamish

I own a CD Whistler and am thinking of selling and getting a CD Squamish. Anybody have experience with both? I’m smallish (5’4" 140) and the Squamish seems to fit better. I’m thinking thats not the next logical step though. Should I go longer? I paddle lake Erie and the Detroit River.

Try the squamish and see what you think. I paddled one breifly in a demo, and liked the way it handles, but it’s a little small for me. Riverside Kayak Connection in Wyandotte had CD boats, and they usually have a few demos over the summer. I ended up buying a squamish from them after a recent demo for my son.

Had a Squamish
for about a week. Took it back and got a glass CD Solstice GTS HV instead. I liked the Squamish, but really wanted a glass yak and decided to bite the bullet and throw down some extra cash. I’m 5’9" and 160lbs and the Squamish fit me like a glove and responded instantly.

In my experience, my Solstice seems much less “twitchy” than the Squamish…whatever that means. It seemed to take more concentration with the Squamish than it does with the Solstice. I know, the kayaks are apples and oranges…but I’m judging that by the seat of my pants in comparing the 2 boats. On easy water I can forget what I’m doing, fiddle around with equipment, take pictures, eat on-the-go much more easily with the Solstice than I could with the Squamish…but that might be due in part to the fact I only had the Squamish on the water a few times the week I had it. More seat time would have solved that issue, I’m quite sure.

I was on a decent sized lake with the Squamish when a pretty big squall line came through. The easy waves we started the day with quickly white-capped and grew in intensity with each passing minute. The Squamish handled it beautifully! I was quickly impressed with it and gained confidence on the way back to our launch site.

Good luck with your decision!

Yes…I 've…
had experiences with both. Stay in sqammish its a lot cheaper than whistler. But dont stay in the motel next to Mcdonalds as the walls are paper thin. The snoring on one side and the lovemaking from the other side kept us up all night. Of course Blackcomb Mt. is better than whistler for the skiing. But then again you asked about squammish or whistler.