whistler vs sirocco

I have a CD whistler and am thinking about upgrading to a CD Sirocco. Is the Sirocco a lot less stable than the whistler? Anybody with Knowledge of both. I kayak on lake Erie and the Detroit River.

I don’t think so…
The Sirocco might feel a bit less stable at first, but it shouldn’t feel overly ‘tippy’. It has lower initial stability than the Whistler, but better secondary stability. (It feels more loose when flat, but more comfortable on edge.)

All of this is subjective so get out and try one for yourself.

yes it’s significantly less stable
what are you looking for? “upgrade” really doesn’t define different hull shapes or handling preferences.

sirocco v whistler
Looking to get rid of the rudder and advance my skills. I was planning on a Squamish $1199.00

but the Sirocco was a close out at $999.00. thats a big discount on that kayak! The width and depth are close but the sirocco has a med chine

and my whistler has a soft chine. I’m fine with my whistler why would a medium chine make that much dif? Where does the increased instability come from? more rocker?

your size matters
the Whistler is more stable because it’s wider, ignore descriptions such as “hard-chine”, “soft-chine”. They’re as important as color compared to whether you like how it paddles.

Depending on your size going from a Whistler to a Scirocco can be the transition from simply sitting in a kayak to having to learn how to roll if you are a top heavy person going into rough water. If you aren’t,and you fit in the squamish comfortably there’s a chance you won’t be tall enough in the Scirocco for your knees/thighs to engage the thigh braces but you’ll be small enough that it’ll still feel stable, albeit tippier than the Whistler.

This is the problem with asking opinions pertaining to handling without some reference such as your height/weight or your experience in other kayaks. IT’s a little like asking if a particular brand of shoe fits well leaving out shoe size.