White Canoe - Beaver Model

I’m looking a purchasing a canoe that the seller has listed the brand & model on the side as White - Beaver. The boat is listed as 16 feet long and made of fiberglass. I was wondering if anyone knew anymore about this boat and if it is made from fiberglass or Royalex.

I very seriously doubt that any company
going by the name “White” ever made a Royalex canoe. I also recommend that you shop around for something better.

Royalex White
White Canoe Co Old Town Me made a 14-10 Royalex canoe called the Spirit and a 17-2 Royalex hull in 1987. They also made a 17 Whitewater back in the early 80’s. I am unsure if they ever made a Beaver in any material. This was the same ,although in name only, White Canoe Co that started in 1889.

Beaver Canoe Company
There was a pretty good quality manufacturer back in the 80’s named Beaver. They made royalex and fiberglass ( I think) canoes. I have all the old Canoe magazine buyers guides and remember there advertizing

OK, you guys are correct. I remember
a NE White Canoe maker back then.

I’d still like to see a picture.

White Canoe Company
White Canoe Company was in Old Town, Maine and was bought out by Old Town Canoe Company in 1984. White was one of the longest lived canoe building companies.

White Canoe - Beaver Model
I have a White Canoe Beaver model 14 foot Royalex canoe. The certificate of orgin says White Boating and Canoe Co. Old Town Me. White labels on the side and the metal tag on the bow is Mfg by Old Town Canoe. The canoe was manufactured in 1988 and Old Town bought White canoe around that time.