White canoe Co. Old town Maine

I have a canoe with a sticker on the side that says “White old town Maine” the original bill of sale from Chicagoland Canoe Base says Manufactured by Old Town Canoe model Canadienne bought 6/12/89 serial# XTC 27499B9 89 color white w/ black vinyl trim .My question is why does it says White on the side but on the title it says Old Town Canoe?

XTC is the manufacturers ID code for Old Town
EM White built canoes until the 1940s and helped start the Old Town Canoe Company
Your Canadienne was built in 1989 and long past White days. Sounds like the prior owner may have had a connection to White Canoes or it could have been a commemorative canoe

Thanks for your response we bought it from the original owner that is why we have the title and original bill of sale from what we were told Ralph Freese had contacted them before he died to inquire about buying it back from them but I don’t know the whole story thanks again for the information

I am pretty sure that the owner of Chicagoland Canoe Base, Ralph Frese designed the Canadienne and built the model in his own shop before Old Town acquired the design. It is possible it was based on an E.M. White model. A great touring hull.

From what I understand Ralph Freese did design the Canadienne and this particular canoe was built in his shop I was just wondering why it had the White Canoe name on it.My wife and I have taken it out to the local forest preserve a number of times and I can say from personal experience it works great.