White Canoe identification

Can anyone help provide information about a canoe I just bought. It is a White, Lightin model. Kevlar with gelcoat. 19’3" length. I have not measured the depth, but this boat has tremendous volume. Relatively round bottom profile.

What was this boat designed for?

What did it have for original gunwhales? Currently wood.

Did it have any decks?

When could it have been made?

White Canoe Company
There was a White Canoe Company in Old Town, Maine that was bought in 1984? by Old Town Canoe to kill competition for the new OT roto mold boats. They specialized in hand layup fiberglas and kevlar. Their canoes were traditional river trippers although most of the kevlar boats were racers. Don’t recognize any of the details you mention so maybe this is the wrong White.

White Canoe
White made a 19’ 11" boat in 1980 called the Cruiser. It was listed as a Touring Boat made for tripping. At over 19’ it would be to long for any racing classes at the time although some years eariler the ACA Nationals on the Dead river in Maine featured an unlimited class that had long boats in it. One of those boats was the Ranger 20’6" WW Challenger and Ranger was still offering it in 1980 maybe they were hoping for another unlimited class. At any rate the were both super freighters.

White Lighting
My hazy memory of a model called Lighting was their 18’6’ down river race boat.

Providing the serial number
might help to date it.

Should have done my research 1st
White canoe had a couple of boats in their Lightin line a 16"6" and a 18"6". The bigger boat was marketed as a wilderness tripper.

Thanks for info.
Thanks everybody. The guy I bought it from indicated he did use the boat for river racing. This canoe has very straight lines, no rocker and an an equally straight sheer line on top. It’s very deep in the bow with flare, but tapers down toward the stern with some tumblehome.

It is an honest 19’ + measured stem to stem.

Labels do indicate it was made in Old Town Me.