White Cliffs of the Missouri in central Montana - One of the best canoe/kayak trips in the USA

Here is my account of a 3-day trip through the White Cliffs of the Missouri in central Montana. This might be the most scenic stretch of the entire river (47 miles). Here is the link: https://bigskywalker.com/2017/03/26/white-cliffs-canoe-adventure-scenes-of-visionary-enchantment/

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What a cool place! Thanks for posting.



The Upper Missouri R has the history, geology, wildlife, and scenery for a great trip. It is no big deal to paddle from Ft Benton to Kipp Bridge which is 151 miles. The first three days there were a lot of people around. The last four days the only person we saw was a small plane pilot that waved.

The lower part of the trip the big attraction was bighorn sheep. Lots of them. When we drifted by without paddling they did not even raise their heads up.

The weather was unseasonably hot. The last day we paddled 36 miles for some ice, cold beer and fresh food. We were on the river for 6 days.

Wow! Great trip report and photos. I’ve several friends who have paddled the Missouri in Montana, but none have really made me feel that it is a “must do” trip. But you just have. That’s an awful lot of trip for not an awful lot of miles. The bucket list just got longer. Thank you for posting this.